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worktank-400pxShared office space for telecommuters, startups and entrepreneurs

Get small-business consulting, a mailing address, use of a conference room and access to a sophisticated copier for a nominal fee as a member of CAN BE’s affiliate program. Members of the affiliate program are eligible to use CAN BE’s WorkTank space, which enables them to work remotely from CAN BE’s incubator for as little as an hour or as much as several hours, daily, weekly or monthly. Packages can be customized to fit individual needs, with rates starting at just $50 for up to five hours of usage a month. 

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5 reasons to cowork at WorkTank

1. Avoid setting up an office

worktank-people-500pxPerhaps you don’t have the space in your home for a dedicated office area. At CAN BE, coworking clients have the space they need, with desks, chairs and room for your computer equipment, papers and other tools of the trade.

2. Meeting space

When it comes to arranging meetings with clients, there’s a better place than your home or a coffee shop. Participating in a coworking program gives you access to CAN BE’s conference room, which gives your business and meetings a professional appearance.

3. Meet new people

As your business gets started, you may feel alone in the world of “me, myself and I.” By coworking, you can still enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by other creative, entrepreneurial minds.

4. Meet potential clients

The clients in CAN BE’s incubator serve customers in a variety of fields. Through the close relationships they can develop by coworking, clients often find they develop connections that turn into business leads.

5. Business advice

CAN BE’s experienced executive director and board will help advise and guide you, keeping you on the path to success as you navigate the world of starting your own business and the challenges you may face.


The benefits of WorkTank

Mailing address

Coworking clients can have their mail delivered to CAN BE’s office and use CAN BE’s location as their mailing address.

Copy machine

Print your materials on our sophisticated copier to ensure you project a professional image to your clients.

High-speed Internet

Access the WiFi at CAN BE without the distractions you might find at a coffee shop or other public place.

Customized packages

Clients can use the space according to their own needs. We can create a package for WorkTank members that allows them to use the space for just an hour or several hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

No long-term commitment

Only one month’s commitment is required to participate in the WorkTank program.